Longport is a borough in Atlantic County, New Jersey on the Atlantic Ocean shore of Absecon Island. Longport neighbors Margate City, and shares Absecon Island with Ventnor City and Atlantic City.

Longport is located on the southwest corner of 8.1-mile long Absecon Island, along with Margate City, Ventnor City and Atlantic City to the northeast. As of the 2010 United States Census, there were 895 people, 470 households, and 251.9 families residing in the borough. Longport offers surfing and other water sports recreation on the beaches at 32nd Avenue and Pelham Avenue.

For Kindergarten through eighth grade, students attend the Margate City Schools in Margate City as part of a sending/receiving relationship. Public school students in grades 9-12, along with those from Brigantine, Margate City and Ventnor City, attend Atlantic City High School in neighboring Atlantic City, as part of a sending/receiving relationship with the Atlantic City School District.[49]

Private school options in the area include Holy Spirit High School in Absecon.

source: wikipedia.org


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There are no schools within 3 miles radius of this location.

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