JOLLY PETS is open in Margate!

9412 Ventnor Ave.,Margate


No need to make a trip off the island for premium pet food for Fee Fee or Fido.   Jolly Pets has recently opened its doors and offers quality pet supplies right here in dear old Margate.

These mutts of mine are spoiled and particular. I’ve threated them repeatedly. I’ve tried enrolling them in psychotherapy. I’ve driven them past the pound and told them to eat up, or they can “walk to the light…”

Nothing’s worked.  It seems, the breeder I use brings her dogs up on some esoteric dog food made only in Maryland. I can tell you first hand, that stuff has been harder to find than a good Cuban cigar in this land of the free.  I’ve had to go the online route. Ugh…

I practically had to grab the nitroglycerin when I discovered Barbara Jolly’s Jolly Pets carries the dang stuff. I couldn’t believe it.  No more on line ordering with those outrageous shipping fees. I figure it’s Karma for all the bullying I was subjected to in my younger years. Since then I’ve learned to forgive my younger sisters and just let the baggage go.

No more resentful bitches glaring at me like they did when I used to reach for that bargain brand crap I insisted on shoving down their spoiled throats. Now I’m out of hot water, at least for a while. I’m back to being an animal lover.

Barb told me today, she’s happy to announce her shop is now offering professional pet grooming.  But don’t get me started on that one…

Questions?  Give Barb and her staff a call at 609.350-7518