Broadway Burger Bar- Tropicana, Atlantic City

Last night I surprised my husband with tickets for one of his favorite comedians, Lewis Black. The show was at the Borgata but unfortunately there weren’t any reservations available at my two favorite restaurants there, Fornaletto and Isakaya. So we decided to stop at the Tropicana for dinner. After much debate between trying the new Mexican place and Broadway Burger, burgers won out. We will definitely be trying Casa Taco & Tequila Bar soon, however it will have to be a night when I am not wearing 4+ inch heels for the long walk from the elevators.

For those of you who haven’t been to (or probably never even heard of) Broadway Burger Bar, it is a must-try. It’s located in the Quarter at the Tropicana. It replaced the old Red Square restaurant. Sorry Red Square, I had some fantastic times (and have some great photos to prove it!) in your vodka freezer all decked out in fur coats but I was happy to see Broadway Burger take your place.

We have been to Broadway Burger about 3 times now and it is always a great time. It is the perfect spot for a meal before an IMAX movie or even before the Comedy Stop (one of my other favorite places to go!). They even offer set menu’s and specials for each. What a great idea for hotel visitors!

IMAX Specials

Comedy Stop Specials


First off, let me tell you, I would live in Broadway Burger. Now I don’t mean right in the restaurant silly but I would take the decor right back into my own house any day. There’s something about classic white subway tile (with a dark grey grout), rustic hardwood flooring and industrial lighting that I will never get sick of. It just makes my heart melt. They nailed the Industrial-Rustic style, right to a T. The decor is just killer and probably one of the main reasons I love it here so much. Even the simple, yet elegant, Christmas decorations were something to be envious of. I can’t wait to steal some of their ideas for my own home!

For our meal, we started off with a bottle of Gabbiano Pinot Grigio. I LOVE Gabbiano red wines. The Pinot Grigio, not so much. Probably a good selection for normal burgers on their menu, but definitely not sweet enough for me to ever order again. However, the marble wine holder was so perfect and fun to look at, that I didn’t really care much about the lackluster wine. Besides that fact, I was out for a perfect night on the town with my guy!


Marble Wine Holder


There is definitely something for everyone on their menu. From delicious salads, to salmon, to sliders, to custom burgers and even gluten-free options. For a starter, we tried the fish tacos. I can’t look at fish tacos on a menu and not give them a whirl. And boy, was I glad we tried these! They had a warm, soft shell that makes everything delicious and they just melted right in your mouth. Yum-yyyyyy. (Don’t forget to squeeze some lemon juice over them first, but not too much!)

Fish Tacos


Another option for a starter, would be the Bavarian Baked Pretzel. I will do my best to describe this, but you will just have to go see it to believe it. This thing is ridiculous. It’s a warm, scrumptious, soft pretzel served on a banana hanger with different dipping sauces. When I tell you this pretzel is about a foot long, I am not exaggerating. (Even though I am very good at doing that.) Go try it. It would definitely make a great option after a few drinks at the RiRa Irish Pub, with Gavin McGeown and the guys behind the bar!

Next, I opted for the Off-Broadway burger but pretty much just made my own. In essence I had a turkey burger with american cheese and a fried egg on a whole wheat bun, served with sweet potato fries. Brian had the Turkey BLT Burger with chipotle aioli on the side, also with sweet potato fries. I stole some of Brian’s avocado to top my burger off and added some pickle on there. Overall, it was delicious. My turkey burger was a little too spicy but the sweet potato fries made up for it. By the way, who doesn’t love a burger with a fried on egg on top?? I am totally on a burger (turkey and regular) kick right now topped with avo and a somewhat runny egg. Just make sure they don’t fry the egg all the way and that you specify you want it still runny. Mmmmm.

To add to an already great meal, live music began to play halfway through and we definitely enjoyed singing along to some Jimmy Buffet. The room is quite large but still cozy enough to enjoy. We are definitely lucky to have such a great option so close to home. I almost feel like I am in NYC whenever we go to Broadway Burger. Maybe it’s the name, maybe its the decor…but I love it!

Dana Rating (on a scale of 1 to 10): 7 hearts


Red Square


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