Casa Taco & Tequila Bar- Tropicana, Atlantic City #amazeballs

Casa Taco & Tequila Bar– oh my!

Maybe I enjoyed this place so much because I’ve been dying to try it for 3+ months, maybe it was the outrageous guacamole or maybe it was the incredible skinny margaritas. Hmmm…one way or the other, I’m hooked! I have officially found my new favorite Mexican food favorite (next to Dos Caminos of course) and I’m really excited to tell you all about it.

Brian and I decided to meet up with some close friends to try this new hot spot out after some quick holiday shopping at The Walk. And let me tell ya, I am so glad we did. Now it’s not fancy or anything but the food is nothing short of AH-MAZING. And you would never find this place unless you knew what you were looking for (definitely not the best location for the offseason). However, during the summer, you will be able to access it right from the boardwalk and I think they will have outdoor seating (love!). (For those of you familiar with the Tropicana, it’s located downstairs by the boardwalk near Hooters and Firewaters. Walk onto the casino floor all the way past the Quarter, turn right and take the escalators down on the left at the end of the walkway.)

Let me start by saying, I love any restaurant with a brick wall. Fake or real. Obviously the real brick is much nicer but a fake brick wall will do. It shows an attempt and some design style. (But never do fake brick at home! Only the real stuff works there.) The other thing I loved was that there were fresh avocados on the center of each table. I thought this was so original (at least I’ve never seen that done before) and so creative. It just made me want to try the guacamole that much more. It’s the small things that count!

As soon as we arrived, I was instantly put in the mood for our Mexican experience from the loud Spanish music to the INCREDIBLE glass tequila display (make sure you walk out in the hallway to view this!). It was like a beautiful piece of art!

A few minutes after we sat down, our waiter brought out a large basket of warm and delicious, fresh out of the oven nachos. They were so, so good. It almost made me want to start making my own nachos. I said almost 😉 The nachos were served with a few different types of salsa. I think they were a little skimpy on the salsa but I didn’t mind since they were about to begin our order of table-side guacamole. And wow..holy guacamole it was! I’ve since been able to improve my weekly guacamole and on a hunt for a molcajete (a guacamole maker, like a mortar and pestle). Also for starters, I tried the fish tacos, Brian tried the carnitas, my friend had the chicken tacos and her boyfriend had the shrimp tacos. The fish tacos were out of this world and by far the best. They were all delicious and perfect, but the fish tacos were just outstanding. My friends also tried the chorizo and strip steak flatbread. And said, and I quote “hash-tag amazeballs!” Danielle loved the flatbread and thought it was just spicy enough while topped with arugula and cheese. “Different and good.” My friend Danielle’s hilarious and loves food just like me 🙂

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos!

Tacos, Tacos, and more Tacos!

Next, for our entree, Brian and I split the chicken fajitas. I am a lover of all fajitas, especially when they are served the right way with the warm shells and alllll the fixings. I think that’s the best part of the meal, getting to make your own creation and topping it just the way you want. These restaurants that charge extra for lettuce and cheese are bonkers. Bring me my lettuce, cheese, salsa and guac please!



For desert, we all shared their version of a classic Choco-Taco. It was just as good as I thought it would be, maybe better! Danielle and I also had a shot of Avion Espresso (their version of Cafe XO Patron) and Avion definitely wins as my new favorite. I’ll be sure to grab us a bottle for all these upcoming holiday parties! And trust me, my girl Danielle knows her Cafe XO Patron.

All in all, I was super impressed with the food and the experience at Caso Taco, and can’t wait to go back to try the rest of the menu. I could barely even decide what to order. Danielle commented that the food was SO good, it made her wish she was in Mexico! You could tell that everyone truly cared there and I really, really hope they do well. Please go and try it!!

Trying Chorizo for my first time!

Trying Chorizo for my first time!


Dana Rating (on a scale of 1 to 10): 8.5 hearts

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