Regarding Multiple Emergency Vehicles En Route

It’s common knowledge and common sense to yield to approaching, crossing, and passing emergency vehicles.

On my way to work today, those of us in the left lane yielded to an approaching siren. The driver directly ahead of me yielded, failed to watch out for the 2nd ambulence following closely behind. The result was alarming close to tragic. Due to the training and skill of that ambulance driver, tragedy was averted for a number of vehicles. Believe me, I’m not ready to meet my Maker. I’ve got a ton of atoning to do first…

Emergency Medical Personal and First Responders continue to warn that drivers and pedestrians seem to  ASSUME that once the ambulance, police car, fire truck, emergency vehicle passes, they can immediately resume positioning on the road WITHOUT REGARD for A TAILING emergency vehicle (or that impatient cowboy who enjoys riding the tail of the responder.)

Many times, there is a tailing Paramedic, police vehicle, or first responder en route as well — especially here in Paradise!

Let’s take our time, and keep our eyes open for the unsung heroes who are there to protect and serve us so that we can go about our lives and vacations safely.