Beth Anne

Dear Paula,

Miss Manners says that thank-you notes should be handwritten, but I’m violating her rule so you do not have to laboriously decipher my handwriting.

I cannot thank you, as well as your entire Home Team, enough for your collective hard work on my behalf.  This deal simply would not have happened with any other agent and team.  You helped draft the contract addendum.  You suggested the attorney review.  You had the power and persuasiveness to finalize my agreement of sale.  And finally, you paid the seller’s expense at settlement — out of your own pocket — to ensure that the seller would not default on the contract at settlement.

The only way I can repay you is to praise you and your team to anyone who will listen.  That is what I have already started to do.  I know your business relies heavily on your good reputation, and I am hoping I can help you in that way.

Paula, you had mentioned at settlement that you would like to treat Aleck and me to dinner.  I appreciate your offer so much, but you’ve taken such a financial beating on this deal that I would feel guilty letting you incur yet another expense on my behalf. Please do not feel obligated to do this, even if you normally treat your clients.

Your team showed its spirit and determination from the time of my first offer through our parting hugs at settlement.  Again, I thank you all.

With warm regards,
Beth Anne Beggs

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