I am blown away and humbled by everything that happened today. Thank you for bringing such a dynamo, Patty, into our lives and making this home a reality for us. What a woman!  She pulled off what 5 men could not do and made it look easy all the way.  Incredible. You are lucky to be able do business with her.  Hopefully she handles many of your mortgage transactions. If she can adeptly handle a “tricky” mortgage like mine, she must do the routine mortgages with lightening speed!

I know that you easily could have given up on us and probably sold that house to any number of people. But I also know you have way too much character and integrity to do something like that. I am honored to know you and blessed to have you in my corner.

I realize this process is not over yet.  We may have the mortgage “in the bag” but we have to secure a HELOC as well. There will be time for that on Friday.

For tonight and tomorrow, while I am counting my blessings and giving thanks for all that I’ve been given. You will be at the top of my list.

With sincerest thanks and best wishes for a delicious and Happy Thanksgiving,

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