Dear Todd and Paula,

We are thrilled with our new home in Margate! Indeed, just as you hoped, we love where we live.  Thank you wholeheartedly for helping us achieve our dream of owning a beach house. Todd, our every interaction with you was pleasant and fruitful; you had answers to our questions at the ready.  On the occasions that you did not know the answer, we appreciated not only that you were forthright with us, but also the swiftness with which you found the information and provided it to us.  It was very refreshing to deal with someone who is excellent with follow-up and so knowledgeable about seashore real estate.  Thank you for educating and guiding us as we decided to buy our vacation home.  Paula, we appreciated your advisory manner as you took us on that first, smart tour of the house.  You put us immediately at ease with the language you used to describe the house, your communication with the builder, and the suggestions you offered for space usage–thanks for the midnight kitchen idea for the room adjoining the rooftop deck!

Dale and I have given you our most resounding endorsement in that we have recommended the Hartman Group to our family.  We hope you will come to our home for a visit, because you had a part in our attaining it and we know you share our enthusiasm over it.

Once again, thank you for being so assistive throughout the process and truly working for us.

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