Your Home and Asteroid Insurance

Your Home & Asteroids - Watch Out the Sky is Falling!News of an asteroid touching down in the Chelyabinsk Ural region of Russia last week may have you wondering if your home is insured against such a calamity.

If you haven’t heard about the incident that demolished glass buildings and caused nearly 1,ooo injuries, the asteroid strike took place on Friday, February 15th.

And, although NASA identified it as a “tiny asteroid,” you’ll still enjoy the news about to be shared.

Your home is more than likely insured against asteroids by homeowners insurance.

Of course individual policies vary, so you’d need to verify with your respective agent and company, but according to State Farm Media Specialist, Robert Villegas, asteroids are an event covered by homeowners insurance.

According to the Homeowners and Business-owners policy guidelines, “Both ‘Falling Objects’ and ‘Aircraft’, which includes self-propelled missiles (meteors) and spacecraft are covered as well as damage to property inside the building would be covered if the falling debris first damages and penetrates the building roof or walls, then damages the property on the inside.”

And, in case you were wondering, State Farm insured cars are covered, as well, if they carry comprehensive coverage. Villegas shared that, “Comprehensive coverage includes losses due to missiles, falling objects and a whole range of other incidents. However if you do not have comprehensive and have only state mandated liability or collision only coverage you would likely pay for the damage yourself.”

Should you find yourself in the path of an asteroid or even as a witness to a flyby like the football field sized 2012 DA14, please stand clear and do not try to protect your home. More than likely your homeowner’s insurance has got you covered!

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